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Pediatric dental clinic in Germantown, MD

Using general anesthesia for dental care in children is necessary to provide safe, efficient, and effective care. Depending on the patient, this will be done in an ambulatory or inpatient hospital setting (Shady Grove Adventist Hospital). Patients for whom general anesthesia has been the management technique of choice include the following:

  • Patients with specific physical, mental, or medically compromising conditions
  • Patients with dental restorative or surgical needs for whom local anesthesia is ineffective because of acute infection, anatomic variations, or allergy
  • The extremely uncooperative, fearful, anxious, physically resistant, or uncommunicative child or adolescent with substantial dental needs for whom there is no expectation that the behavior will soon improve
  • Patients who have sustained extensive orofacial and/ or dental trauma
  • Patients needing dental care for whom the use of general anesthesia may protect the developing psyche and/or reduce medical risks

What are the sedation options for my child?

Pediatric dental clinic in Germantown, MD

Nitrous Oxide

Based on the scale of the treatment and the child’s level of anxiety, the doctor may recommend using nitrous oxide to minimize fear and enhance communication between the doctor and your child. Minimizing the amount of perceived pain and anxiety can help expedite the delivery of dental procedures that are not particularly uncomfortable, but require that the patient stay still for the length of the procedure. Nitrous oxide is a safe alternative for your child with little to no side effects.

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